A Pond in Crisis

Leverett Pond needs your help to survive.  Invasive weeds -- particularly Eurasian Milfoil and Curly-Leaf Pondweed -- will turn the lake into a swamp within a few years if left untreated.

Friends of Leverett Pond employs an "integrative pest management" approach to treat the lake, using a mixture of chemical and mechanical approaches that are the least toxic and the most effective. The chemicals we use have a short half-life and disintegrate within a few days of application.

In addition, the dam on the north end of the lake needs to be repaired. This will be a long-term and costly project that we are slowly trying to tackle. In the meantime, we need to re-install a custom-made  "beaver pipe" that had kept the water flowing through the man-made dam. Keeping water moving through not only regulates the level of the lake, but lessens the buildup of pressure on the already weakened concrete structure. If the dam breaks, the lake will lose significant water volume.

We depend on you. While the Town of Leverett generously provided CPA funds to put in a picnic table and clear the channel in the public access area, we do not receive any funds from the municipality for weed removal or dam maintenance. These expenses run about $6,000 each year. Please consider donating to help defray these costs and to keep Leverett Pond alive. Thank you!

Please help! We depend on you!