Friends of Leverett Pond (FLP) is an organization committed to the preservation of this beautiful 100+ acre lake. Our goal: to keep the lake healthy and open for boating, fishing, skating, skiing, swimming and viewing this breathtaking body of water.

Unfortunately, the future of the lake is threatened by invasive weeds and tenacious beavers who have clogged the dam at the northern end (click
here to learn more). It can cost upwards of $20,000 each year to manage these weeds and keep water flowing through the dam.

Because the Town of Leverett does not provide funding for this upkeep, FLP must raise money through donations -- so we really need your financial support. We'd also love volunteers to help us do weed surveys, raise funds, dam work and more. Contact us for more info.

When you visit Leverett Pond, remember the following:
1. Wash your boat after it's been in our lake (or any other lake with invasive weeds). Invasive weeds can spread even from only a few weed particles on your boat. And mixing weeds can create new strains that are more resistant to treatment.

2. Leave the lake as you found it. Please carry out all trash. Don't cut down trees.

3. Consider releasing fish you catch. The pond is not stocked and is still recovering from a weather-related fish kill several years ago.

Friends of Leverett Pond

Please help. We depend on you!

An herbicide treatment in Leverett Pond will take place on June 22. The application will be conducted by a state licensed applicator, and will target exotic nuisance aquatic vegetation, such as milfoil and curly leaf pond weed. Friends of Leverett Pond will post brightly colored notices around the pond in advance with detailed restrictions. Boating, fishing and swimming are prohibited until June 23; animal consumption until July 6. Hydroraking will be conducted later in the summer at the expense of abutters.