Problem #1: The dam at the north end is old and declining. If it fails, Leverett Pond will shrink to a third its current size and the pond would cease to exist as we know it.

Problem# 2: Invasive weeds are choking out the pond. For many years, Friends of Leverett Pond (FLP) has been applying an Integrated Pest Management approach to control several invasive weed species that have already taken over big parts of the lake* (See precautions to take below.). While this approach—which uses a combination of environmentally sensitive practices—has certainly slowed down the infestation, it is not enough. Left under-managed, these weeds will ultimately make the pond uninhabitable for many species and turn this wonderful recreational gem into an unwelcoming body of water.

Having a sound dam with a functioning control valve will address both issues. working dam would help preserve the lake’s current size. In addition, if the dam is replaced with a working mechanism to release water, occasional drawdowns will help to control the infestation. This is how many other lakes in the region control their invasive weeds.

Funding. Preliminary estimates are now being prepared and it is anticipated that it will cost roughly $300,000 to design and replace the dam, prepare access routes, secure permits, and pay for other related legal, engineering, and surveying costs. Ideally, at least a third will come from individual supporters. FLP will also apply for state, federal and corporate grants, as well as Leverett Community Preservation Funds.


Wash your boat after it's been in our lake (or any other lake with invasive weeds). Invasive weeds can spread even from only a few weed particles on your boat. And mixing weeds can create new strains that are more resistant to treatment.

Help save Leverett Pond!

WINE TASTING & ART AUCTION: Benefits to save Leverett Pond


The Friends of Leverett Pond is sponsoring two events at Leverett Crafts and Arts to help us raise $ to replace the failing dam on the pond.


WINE TASTING. Saturday, June 2, 7:30-9:00

All the world’s major wine producing regions will be on hand to taste.  You can walk around at your leisure and visit different pouring stations.  Steve Freedman, former owner of Amherst Wines & Spirits, will lead a short seminar in how to taste wines like the pros.  This will be huge fun.


Reserve your spots by mailing a tax-deductible check made out to Friends of Leverett Pond ($25 each) to: Sue Hankinson, 39 Cider Mill Lane, Leverett 01054.  Please add email for a confirmation. Questions? Call Steve at 548-8106.


ART AUCTION. Saturday, June 16, 7:00

Beginning June 3 some of the Valley’s leading artists will display works to be auctioned off.  It’s an all-star lineup. Leverett’s own Steve Adams, auctioneer supreme, will lead the fun. There will be several non-art surprises offered also which will surprise everyone.  No charge to attend. Questions? Call Sue Mulholland at 548-9161